Break the status quo

Fresh Eggs is an incubator for human and organization potential, designed to hatch your whole new way.

Hatch your new way

Are you trying to break out of the old to do something new, but feel totally stuck? We design change and transformation in a human-potential sort of way. We do this by creating internal incubators to unlearn and relearn about ourselves, our customers and how to work in a whole new way.

For Innovation Leaders

For People Leaders

For Change Leaders

We design growth-oriented organizational studios to hatch stage-ready intrapreneurs.

We design experiential learning programs to hatch change-ready leaders.

We add design thinking into change labs to hatch
abundant problem-solvers.

Whole hearted by design

We aren't consultants. We are masterful facilitators that know how to transform learning into action through beautifully designed work experiences, workshops, workgroups and workteams. We do this by working inside your culture, incubating new ways of working by unlearning old ways of being. Doing big, bold, brand new things should be fun and designed to unlock the whole heart and creative potential of every person.

A study in embryology

We bring the phenomenology of the psyche to work. Our study of change is built on the science of consciousness, shifting how outer work gets done alongside inner work experiences. We do this by mixing the Enneagram (and a dash of Reiki) as a growth-centered framework into innovation and design thinking practices, creating space to learn faster about the external world by learning how to learn about our inside world. 

The less traveled

We work with many people learning along the less traveled path.
Here's a quick sneak peak into one of current projects.

"Help us work from anywhere."

A public power utility wanted to reimagine how the culture could work from anywhere. A workgroup was started, but quickly became stuck. We joined the workgroup and brought courage to their exploration through a design thinking inspired, team-based change experience. People learned how to be design consultants, bringing reimagination and experimentation to the hearts of leaders ready to work differently.

Some of our people

Our most egg-citing programs

We love mixing into your culture. Here's a few easy ways we can start learning together.

Team change

Individual change

Product change

Story change

Using experiential learning models, we design work experiences and facilitate team workshops to practice new behaviors by unlearning old ones.

Using the Enneagram, we design growth journeys and coach individuals looking to go deeper into how they really lead and get work done.

Using innovation practices, we design product labs and studios that accelerate growth and awareness by unlearning our deepest biases.

Using design thinking, we design culture change camps that reimagine how to manage change by unlearning our false organizational stories.

One full day workshop...

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One full day workday...

One full day workweek...





* We also offer individual and small group retreats for those wanting to do their work offsite. We host these at our very own retreat house in Kansas City.

Join our reverse bookclub

We open source our book writing. Join our reverse book club to contribute to the latest book worthy ideas. Here's this season's literary challenge.

Greyspace: Getting unstuck by design

We are all designers, creating a movie of reality for ourselves and one another each and every day. This non-fiction novella is an attempt to connect to our inner designer. How might we get unstuck from our fixations through a commitment to vulnerability?

Go break some eggs

Do you just want to say hi? Or, are you interested in grabbing a tea or coffee? Either way, let us know as we'd love to connect with you.

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